Friday, February 28, 2020

Technology stack Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Technology stack - Case Study Example It includes layers of components or services which are used for providing software solutions. Technology stack is also articulated as a list of technologies and programming languages for instance ‘Java’, ‘C++’ and ‘SQL Server’ among other programs. It is considered to be the base for developing any kind of application. The report is based on technology stack of a popular web application named Twitter. The objective of the report is to understand the use of technologies towards developing Twitter. The report also aims at understanding the hindrances that twitter witnessed owing to the usage or application of such a technology. Furthermore, the report also describes the future of Twitter as a web application. History of Twitter Twitter is a web application which facilitates people to communicate by using text, graphics and other formats. It was developed in the year 2006 and soon achieved huge admiration by people internationally, as several users joined the application to share information. The core of Twitter’s business is free ‘Application Programming Interface’ (APIs) for every task undertaken by a user on the portal. The idea of Twitter web application was first initiated during a hack project in an organization named ODEO. Over years, the organization attempted to make the aspect of sharing information easier for people. Consequently, the engineers began prototyping programs for better information sharing which turned into Twitter in the later days. Ruby on Rails is identified to be the technological stack of Twitter. Twitter uses Rails application with lots of Ruby programming, performing asynchronous functions in the back-end design (Makice, 2009). Where the Application Fits In Relation to Similar Applications Apart from Twitter, Ruby on Rails also fits in several web applications such as Groupon, Shopify and Yellow Pages among other websites. Several fastest web oriented organizations are applyin g Ruby on Rails structure with high number of readers and subscribers. Ruby on Rails is considered as the most dynamic way to construct a web application. Where other custom applications can be quite expensive to develop, Ruby on Rails makes the application development quite cost-effective for organizations which do not desire to take risk by spending money on technological experimentation (Hansson, n.d). The Technology on which Twitter is Built Twitter is built on Ruby on Rails structure. It is known to be a full-stack internet application which helped in forming Twitter. Ruby is generally referred as a programming language and Rails is a kind of technological framework. Together Ruby and Rails provides required tools and components which are essential to form powerful application in an instinctual environment. Ruby on Rails helps in ensuring the aspect of website development to be increasingly effectual and less troublesome. As it is a full-stack internet application, Ruby on Rail s helped Twitter to encompass both areas i.e. ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ design (Slater, 2008). In the recent days, Twitter has been learnt to have shifted its ‘front-end’ search function from Ruby and Rails to a Java application named ‘Blender’. This shift was inspired owing to the benefits of Java. Java is believed to provide high level of performance and enhanced scalability. Furthermore, it was also determined by the wish for better encapsulation of different services and other architectural aspects. Blender is a HTTP service developed on ‘Netty’, a high accessible client server transcribed by Java language, which

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