Friday, January 31, 2020

Relationship between French and Industrial Revolutions Essay

Relationship between French and Industrial Revolutions - Essay Example Another characteristic f the revolution is the population growth that it sparked. Following the revolution, the western population increased six times within two decades (Stanley, 24). This revolution saw the creation of factories, the rise of the working class, modernization and the rise of unions and organizations that effectively fought for the rights of the workers. However, the revolution also came with negative impacts on the society. Child labor and deaths, as well as an upsurge of diseases such as cancer are some of the negative impacts. French revolution on the other hand was a period of radical social and political transformations, which had a great impact in France as a country and the whole of the Europe community (Stanley, 20). The monarchial system was eliminated and a new political system was established. With the revolution, the aristocratic and religious privileges that were enjoyed by the ruling class ended, and a system that encompassed the creation of equality of all people was established in its place. The principles of enlightenment and of individual rights were effectively established, eliminating the traditional hierarchy system (Stanley, 48). Hunger and poverty, which was widely spread amongst the population, was a major cause for the unrests that eventually saw the revolution take place. The relationship between the French and the industrial revolution is most notable in the effects both created. It is through both that the reality of modernity in the western world was realized. The common characteristic of these revolutions is that they created new structures in the society, which paved way for modernization and equality (Stanley, 39). The French revolution transformed the country from the aristocratic monarchial leadership to a people led system of government. This way, it created a channel through which the common man could be heard, and through which their needs could be identified. A characteristic relationship between the two rev olutions is that they affected every individuals in the countries they took place. The two revolutions also affected all the aspects of the society, transforming the whole traditional society into modernity. The industrial and the French revolution are credited with sparking modernity in the whole of Europe and America (Stanley, 60). The European middle class was made by the two revolutions, in that the industrial revolution created jobs for the people, which granted them income and wealth. The French revolution on the other hand brought many changes in the political and governance system that opened up opportunities for the people in agriculture as well as in industries that eventually developed. This way, the revolutions served to establish the working class and improve the lifestyle of the people. The two revolutions marked a beginning of a different lifestyle for the people (). Both revolutions are related in the sense that they had a great impact in determining the future of th eir countries and the future generations (Stanley, 55). The present political, social, and economic systems in Europe can be traced back to the French and the industrial revolutions. The current workers and labor organizations, as well as many organizations that fight for human rights in the modern world can effectively trace their roots to the two revolutions. A major relationship between the two revolutions is the economic concepts that the two revolutio

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