Thursday, November 21, 2019

Brora Scottish Cashmere Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Brora Scottish Cashmere - Article Example It is a privilege to be writing an article on this personally beloved, globally renowned Cashmere brand. Victoria Stapleton who is the founder, owner and creative director at Brora, was brought up in the North of England, which is home to the Scottish cashmere industry. Having lived so close to the hub of the cashmere industry Victoria often found herself in the mills, as she â€Å"spent many childhood hours browsing mill shops and feeling the delicious quality of their cashmere†. In 1990 when her family got involved with ‘Hunters of Brora’, a 100 year old tweed mill, Victoria jumped at the opportunity to get involved and was soon managing the mills retail venture. Having been brought up in an entrepreneurial family she knew that she wanted to have her own business one day. The experience of working in a mill and gaining knowledge of how a business is run â€Å"†¦sowed the seeds for the founding of Brora†. Victoria began her entrepreneurial career by o pening a retail outlet in London and now, Brora has expanded its outlets all over the UK, the most recent being opened in Cambridge, Covent Garden and Westbourne Grove in London. Brora is a retail company that strongly follows the philosophy of ‘Buy British’. ... e clothing manufactured by the company is produced in mills which are situated in the UK, using only the finest raw materials and carefully selected yarn from selected herds. Being a private and democratically run company not only builds a strong relationship with the customers that Brora caters to but also with the suppliers and employees that are associated with the company. Brora has a strong culture of workmanship & camaraderie within the company. People who work there don’t often leave, primarily because the company is socially responsible towards its workers. There is a true-to-the-word democratic process involved in all core decision making efforts and this practice of mutual consultation is not only confined to the insides of the organization, in fact every customer is treated as part of the family. Brora claims that every customer is a friend & thus, should be treated like one, â€Å"The Company is run personally and democratically and this ethos extends to our custo mer, who becomes a good friend with whom Brora has a relationship, built on honesty & trust.† The clothing collection at Brora offers a variety of beautiful and luxurious products for women, men, children and babies, all available in a various materials for everyone in the family. The company is dedicated to producing affordable clothing for every age group, where each collection is dynamic with a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. No matter what piece of clothing or accessories you choose, it will give you a luxurious and stylish aura. It is vividly evident that each clothing collection is a result of Victoria’s love for the arts and the natural beauty of the Scottish landscape, which offers her a vivid palette to work with; â€Å"When I want a focused day of inspiration, I do love

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